Research Disciplines

  • Discipline of Plant Nutrition 2016-12-17

    The Discipline of Plant Nutrition is the secondary discipline withright to award master degrees, which has been approved by the academic degree committee of the State Council since 2006. It consists o...[more]

  • Discipline of Microbiology 2016-12-17

    The Discipline of Microbiology has 9 faculty members including 2 professors, 6 associate professors, and 1 lecturer. On the basis of resources of our forest region, we focus on the research of molecul...[more]

  • Discipline of Genetics 2016-12-17

    Genetics is the past and the future. Genes and their products control all aspects of life and death in any cell of an organism. Genetics as a discipline covers the biological aspects of DNA stability,...[more]

  • Discipline of Developmental Biology 2016-12-17

    The Discipline of Developmental Biology is a secondary discipline under a primary discipline, Biology Disciple. It consists of Plant and Animal Development teaching and research sections, including a ...[more]