Discipline of Microbiology

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The Discipline of Microbiology has 9 faculty members including 2 professors, 6 associate professors, and 1 lecturer. On the basis of resources of our forest region, we focus on the research of molecular system and application of macrofungi. In addition, we also study microorganic degradation of pollutants, and have obtained some preliminary results, which has high academic and application value. In applied field, "Kangle Tablet", a live-bacteria pharmaceutics, has been produced in a large scale. Probiotics feed additive pharmaceutics has been industrialized. Additionally, several products related to laccase are in the study for commercialization. Each year, 10-15 Ph.D. and master students graduate from the Discipline of Microbiology. These students can typically find very good positions, and feedback of their employers is also excellent.

Since the foundation of the Discipline of Microbiology, our faculty have been funded by numerous research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation projects, the National Major Science and Technology projects, the National Science Support Project, the “948” Major Projects, the Provincial Science & Technology Major Project, the World Wide Fund. We also obtained three Heilongjiang Scientific and Technological Progress Awards. We have also published a number of books, including "Small Xing An Ridge Economic Fungi", "Utilization of Resistance Genes of Plant Pathogens", "Medicinal Plant Cultivation", and "GAP and Cultivation of Genuine Medicinal Materials". In addition, our faculty published 60 articles that are indexed by the SCI.

In the Discipline of Microbiology, our main research directions include microorganic degradation of pollutants, molecular system and application of macrofungi, microbial medicine, laccase from macrofungi, and detection of plant virus.

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