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Xue, Zheyong

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Name: Xue, Zheyong

Degree: Ph.D

Title: Professor

Position: Group leader, Academic Leader of Plant Development Subject, Director of Heilongjiang Key Laboratory of Plant Bioactive Substance Biosynthesis and Utilization

Phone number: 86-451-8219-1535

E-mail: zyxue@nefu.edu.cn or xuezhy@126.com

Address: Northeast Forestry University, Shaw (Yifu) Teaching Building, Room 504

Education and Training:

2000 – 2005: Shandong University, Ph.D. in Cell Biology

1994 – 1998: Shandong University, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


2018 – Now: Northeast Forestry University, Professor

2014 – 2018: Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor

2016 – 2017:  Dept. of Metabolic Biology, John Innes Centre, UK, Postdoc

2014 – 2015: Dept. of Metabolic Biology, John Innes Centre, UK, Visiting Scientist

2008 – 2014: Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Assistant Professor

2005 – 2008:  Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Postdoc

1998 – 2000: Institute of Biotechnology, Ningbo Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Research Associate

Honors and Awards:

n Instructor of The Second Prize et al "Poster Contest of Plant Secondary Metabolism " (2021, 2022);

n Excellent Master's Thesis Instructor of Northeast Forestry University (Miaomiao Liang 2022, Linyong Li 2022);

n Northeast Forestry University Chengdu Science and Technology Award Natural Science Award (2022) third prize, first finisher;

n Laboratory Open Day of Chinese Society of Cell Biology (2022) Laboratory of Excellent Works of Popular Science Activities

Research Specialty:

Metabolic Biology; Synthetic Biology; Plant Molecular Biology; Biochemistry,

Courses to Teach:

Biochemistry, Introduction of Biological Science, Progress in Developmental Biology Frontier, English Writing

Extramural Appointments and Service:

n Director of National Innovation Allance for Plant Natural Active Substance Utilization

n Reserve leader of Heilongjiang provincial leading talent team (2020- present);

n (2022- present);

n Member of National Bioengineering Society; Executive member of Heilongjiang Bioengineering Society; Executive member of Heilongjiang Cell Biology Society;

n Reviewers of National Natural Science Foundation of China (2015- present);

n Letter Evaluation Experts from Degree Center of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China;

Editorial Boards:

n Reviewers of Wiley and Elsevier's Publication (2018- present).

n Associate Editorial Board Member of Current Biochemical Engineering (2020-2021);

n Guest Editorial Board of Microbial Cell Factories (2022);

n Leading Guest Editorial Board of the Joint Special Issue of Journal of Cellular Physiology and Molecular Plant Pathology (2022);

Research Interest:

n Metabolic pathway dissection and biosynthesis of plant steroids and triterpenoids

One of my research interests is metabolic pathways of plant on steroids and triterpenoids, and their heterologous biosynthesis using Nicotiana benthamiana etc. plant chassis. Using Omics methodology, we have developed an effective strategy to dissect the biosynthesis pathway for polyphyllins and avenacosides from Paris polyphylla and Avena strigosa. The biosynthesis in plant chassis was established to obtain various active steroids using the multi-genes transient or stable genetic transformation system.

n Metabolic diversity of plant triterpenoids and catalytic mechanism of key enzymes

Oxidosqualene cyclase (OSC) is the key enzyme for the formation of plant triterpenes, and the cyclization process of triterpenes involves many complicated steps. My previous work has characterized several oxidosqualene cyclases (OSC) from rice using the Pichia pastoris expression system. Homologous modeling and site-directed mutation techniques, combined with quantum mechanics-molecular mechanics (QM/MM) multi-scale computational simulation techniques, were used to study the cyclization mechanism of triterpenes, which laid a theoretical foundation for directional design of triterpene synthesis.


n Key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (Principal investigator of sub-topic), Title: Molecular regulation of the biosynthesis and accumulation of pentacyclic triterpene saponins during in vitro reproduction of Araliaceae forest medicinal plants in Northeast China, 01/01/2022 – 12/23/2025 (U21A20243)

n General project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (Principal investigator), 01/01/2020 – 12/31/2023, Title: Metabolic biosynthetic gene cluster and  dissection pathway of oat steroidal saponin (31970314)

n Key project at the central government level (The ability establishment of sustainable use for valuable Chinese medicine resources) (Principal investigator), 01/09/2021– 31/12/2023, Title: Dissection of steroidal saponin metabolic pathway in Paris polyphylla (2060302-2101-17)

Publications: * Corresponding author, **selected publications

Yu Wang#, He Zhang#, Hyol Chol Ri#, Zeyu An#, Xin Wang, Jianan Zhou, Dongran Zheng, Hao Wu, Pengchao Wang, Jianfei Yang, Dingkun Liu, Diyang Zhang, Wenchieh Tsai, Zheyong Xue, Zhichao Xu, Peng Zhang*, Zhongjian Liu*, Hailong Shen*, Yuhua Li*. (2022) Deletion and tandem duplications of biosynthetic genes drive the diversity of triterpenoids in Aralia elata. Nature Communications 13: 3224


He Zhang#, Xin Hua#, Dongran Zheng, Hao Wu, Chuanwang Li, Pan Rao, Mengliang Wen, Yong Eui Choi, Zheyong Xue*, Yu Wang*, Yuhua Li *. (2022) De novo biosynthesis of oleanane-type ginsenosides in Saccharomyces cerevisiae realized by characterizing and engineering two distinguished types of glycosyltransferases from Panax ginseng. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 70(7): 2231–2240


Miaomiao Liang#, Xueliang Ge#, Hui Xua, Kaifeng Ma, Wei Zhang, Yibo Zan, Thomas Efferth, Zheyong Xue*, Xin Hua*. (2022) Phytochemicals with activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Phytomedicine 100:154073


Wei Song#, Chunchun Zhang#, Jiali Wu, Jianzhao Qi, Xin Hua, Liping Kang*, Qiang Yuan*, Jifeng Yuan*, Zheyong Xue*. (2022) Characterization of three Paris polyphylla glycosyltransferases from different UGT families for steroid functionalization. ACS Synthetic Biology 11(4): 1669-1680**


Miaomiao Liang#, Zhang Fan#, Jiaxin Xu, Xiaoning Wang, Wu Ruibo*, Zheyong Xue*. (2022) A conserved mechanism affecting hydride shifting and deprotonation in the synthesis of hopane-type triterpenes as the wax compositions in oat. Proc Nat Acad Sci U.S.A. 119e2118709119**


Xin Hua#, Wei Song#, Kangzong Wang#, Xue Yin, Changqi Hao, Zhichao Xu*, Tongbing Su*, Zheyong Xue*. (2022) Effective prediction of biosynthetic pathway genes involved in bioactive polyphyllins in Paris polyphylla. Communications Biology 5:50**


Jing Wang, Yanhong Guo, Xue Yin, Xiaoning Wang*, Xiaoquan Qi*, Zheyong Xue*. (2022) Diverse triterpene skeletons are derived from the expansion and divergent evolution of 2,3-oxidosqualene cyclases in plants. Crit Rev Biochem Mol. 57(2): 113-132**


Changqi Hao, Shuairun Wang, Yi Wang, Xinyi Hou, Yaxuan Jiang, Bowen Jiang, Xiuli Zhang, Xin Hua and Zheyong Xue*. (2021) Technology and application of hairy root culture in monocotyledons. Current Biochemical Engineering 7(1) 31-37.


Yan Li#, Aymeric Leveau#, Qiang Zhao#, Qi Feng, Hengyun Lu, Jiashun Miao, Zheyong Xue, …Bin Han*, Anne Osbourn*. (2021) Subtelomeric assembly of a multi-gene pathway for antimicrobial defense compounds in cereals. Nature Communications 12:2563


Haizheng Yu, Dongyue Li, Dongfeng Yang, Zheyong Xue, Jie Li, Bingcong Xing, Kaijing Yan, Ruilian Han*, Zongsuo Liang*. (2021) SmKFB5 Protein regulate phenolic acids biosynthesis via controlling the degradation of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in Salvia miltiorrhiza. Journal of Experimental Botany 72(13):4915-4929.


Xufan Lian#, Xiuli Zhang#, Fei Wang, Xiaoning Wang, Zheyong Xue*, Xiaoquan Qi*. (2020) Characterization of a 2,3-oxidosqualene cyclase in the toosendanin biosynthetic pathway of Melia toosendan. Physiologia Plantarum 170(4):528-536.


Shengnan Tan, Xin Hua*, Zheyong Xue* and Jianzhang Ma*. (2020) Cajanin stilbene acid inhibited vancomycin-resistant enterococcus by inhibiting phosphotransferase system. Frontiers in Pharmacology 11:473.


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Zheyong Xue#, Zhengwei Tan#, Ancheng Huang, Yuan Zhou, Juncong Sun, Xiaoning Wang, Ramesha B. Thimmappa, Michael J. Stephenson, Anne Osbourn*, Xiaoquan Qi*. (2018) Identification of key amino acid residues determining product specificity of 2, 3-oxdiosqualene cyclase in Oryza species. New Phytologist 218(3):1076-1088**.


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Yanling Liu#, Zhongjuan Zhao#, Zheyong Xue#, Peng Wang#, Yunfei Cai, Tiandi Wei, Jing Gong and Fengning Xiang*. (2016) An intron less beta-amyrin synthase gene is more efficient in oleanolic acid accumulation than its paralog in Gentiana straminea. Scientific Reports 6: 33364 **.


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