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Gao Ruixin

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Name: Gao, Ruixin

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

Phone number: 86-0451-82192473

E-mail: ruixingao@126.com

Address: Northeast Forestry University, Shaw (Yifu) Teaching Building, Room 616

Education and Training:

1991– 1995: Northeast Forestry University, Bachelor of Science in Forestry

1995 – 1998: Northeast Forestry University, Master of Science in Ecology

1999 – 2004: Northeast Forestry University, Ph.D. in Ecology

2009 – 2014: Chinese Academy of Forestry, Postdoctoral Training in Ecology

2014 – 2015: Stephen F. Austin State University, Visiting scholar


1998– 2001: College of Forestry, Northeast Forestry University, Assistant

2001– 2003: College of Forestry, Northeast Forestry University, Lecturer

2003– 2007: College of Life Science, Northeast Forestry University, Lecturer

2007– present: College of Life Science, Northeast Forestry University, Associate Professor

Honors and Awards:

2003: “Botany series of curriculum reform and the practice” was awarded the first prize in Teaching achievement prizes at the colleges and universities in Heilongjiang Province. (2stname)

2006: “Research oncurriculum constructionof Botany series courses” was awarded the first prize in Excellent teaching achievement prizes at the institute of higher education in Heilongjiang Province (2stname)

2007: The main teaching curriculum --- Botany was awarded the High quality courses in Heilongjiang Province

Courses to Teach:

Botany; Plant biology; Plant Embryology; Plant Microscopy Technique; Overview of Forestry

Research Specialty:

Structural Botany; Plant Ecology; Sustainable utilization of resources plants; Ecological control of invasive plants and Management and utilization of plant secondary metabolites

Editorial Boards:

Journal of Forest Engineering,editorial board member(since 2012)

Research Interest:

My research interest includes three aspects. The first aspect is Plant Ecology, with the focuses on plant morphology,anatomystructure, function and their ecological adaptation mechanism research. I especially focus on how climate change influences the growth of the plant morphology and structure. My previous research was focused onthe relationship between different leaf traits of Japanese larch(leaf morphology, anatomy, stomatal morphology, nutrient stoichiometry, etc.) and its dominant climate factors affected the change of leaf traits.The second aspect is Ecological control of invasive plants and Management and utilization of plant secondary metabolites. The third aspect is Sustainable utilization of resources plants and Sustainable forest management.


(1) Sub-project of Special Funds for Scientific Research of Forestry Public Welfare (200804001-5) 07/01/2010 – 12/31/2013,

Title: Study on the Relationship between Growth and Climate Factors ofLarix kaempferi

(2) Horizontal projects of State Forestry Administration Planning and Design Institute (2014-055) 05/01/2014 – 05/01/2015

Title: Planning research on Jing river of national wetland park in Qinggang of Heilongjiang province


Chief editor, January, 2005, Botany Experiment, Northeast Forestry University Press.

The addendum February, 2010, Land Resource Science. China Forestry Press

The addendum July, 2010, Handbook of botany field practice. High education Press

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Sun Linni,Tang Bin,Gao Ruixin*.Response and Adaptability of Anatomical structure of Plant Stem to the Arid Environment.Forest Investigation Design,2016, 175(2):43-46

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