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Zheng Baojiang

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Name: Zheng, Baojiang

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

Position: Director of Biological Technology Major

Phone number: 18045372770

E-mail: zbjnefu@126.com

Address: Northeast Forestry University, Shaw (Yifu) Teaching Building, Room 616

Education and Training:

1989 – 1993: Harbin Normal University, Bachelor of Science in Biology

1998 – 2001: Harbin Normal University, Master of Science in Plantations

2002 – 2006: Northeast Forestry University, Ph.D. in Zoology

2007 – 2010: Beijing Forestry University, Postdoctoral Training in Plant taxonomy


1993 – 1998: HarbinCollege, Research Associate

1999 – 2003: Northeast Forestry University, Lecturer

2004 – now: Northeast Forestry University, Associate Professor

Honors and Awards:

“Ten of My Favorite Teachers” of Northeast Forestry University (2013)

Research Specialty:

Taxonomy ofRibesL.;Exploitation and Utilization of Plant Resources

Research Interest:

I am very interested in Taxonomy of Seed Plant. I have investigated the plants in most of China, in particular, the diversity of vascular plant in northeast of China. Now I am primarily engaging in taxonomic studies of Ribes L.consist, including morphology, anatomy, geographical distribution, and molecular system biology. To date, I have finished the study on taxonomy of Ribes plant species in the Northeast of China. Additionally, I will study Taxonomy of Ribes plants in the other part of China.


(1) National Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Pronvice (C200843) (P.I.)


Title: Revise of Taxonomy ofRibesin Northeast Base on ITS Sequence

(2) National scientific device Foundation (WGB-1301)


Title: Collection and preservation of important wild plant germplasm resources


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2. Baojiang Zheng, Li Pan. Species composition of alien invasive plants in Heilongjiang Province.Biodiversity Science, 2012, 20(2):231-234

3. Goxiu Li,Baojiang Zheng*. Comparative Study on Morphological Characteristics and Ecological Adaptability of Vessel Elements of Ten Ribes L.Bulletin of Botanical Research, 2014, 34(1):25-31

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