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Zhang Yang

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Name: Zhang, Yang

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

Phone number: 86-451-8219-1783


Address: Northeast Forestry University, Shaw (Yifu) Teaching Building, Room 226

Education and Training:

1996 – 2000: Northeast Forestry University, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

2000 – 2003: Northeast Forestry University, Master of Ornamental Plants and Horticulture

2004 – 2008: Kyoto University, Ph.D. in Horticulture

2008 – 2012:Northeast Forestry University, Postdoctoral Training in Developmental Biology


2003 – 2006: Northeast Forestry University, Research Associate

2006 – 2009: Northeast Forestry University, Lecturer

2009 – 2016: Northeast Forestry University, Associate Professor

Research Specialty:

Molecular Biology, Gene Transduction

Courses to Teach:

Molecular Biology, Experiment of molecular biology

Research Interest:

My research interest is Flower color diversity, Molecular Biology and Transgenic research of ornamental plant. Texture is an important ornamental characteristic of flowers. If petal texture could be changed through the biotechnology, it is a breakthrough for the flower breeding. The contents of our research include analyzing the types and the optical characteristics of petal textures. Based on observed results, an optical model will be established to best understanding the optical mechanism of various petal textures. In addition,Eustoma grandiflormthat owns rich types of petal texture is used to study the molecular mechanism of epidermal cell shape affecting petal texture.


(1) National Natural Science Foundation of China (31000318) (P.I.)

01/01/2011 – 12/31/2013,

Title: Study on the mechanism of petal texture and functional analysis of related gene MIXTA

(2) National Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang, China (C2016008) (P.I.)

07/01/2016 – 07/01/2019

Title:Study on the regulation pathway of cell shape related genes in petal epidermis


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