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Introduction of College of Life Science

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The College of Life Science was founded in 2003, according to the State “211” Construction Project with the objectives of cultivating talents and improving the quality of personnel training in Biology. The College has two undergraduate subjects, Biology (as a Provincial Key Major) and Biotechnology (as a National Featured Major), and has been accredited as aNational Training Base for Basic Biological Science Research and Teaching Talents, and aNational Training Base of Life Science and Technology Talents. Currently, we totally have 914 students, including 682 undergraduate students, 224 graduate students and 7 international students. The College has the Biology Primary Discipline as a Provincial Key Discipline with the Doctoral Program and Postdoctoral Research Center associated with this primary discipline. Under the Primary Discipline. We have five Secondary Disciplines, including Developmental Biology, Forest Biological Engineering, Genetics, Microbiology and Plant Nutrition. We also have a Provincial Educational Demonstration Center for Biological Experiments, which consists of 7 Teaching Laboratories for undergraduate students and 1 Teaching-Research Comprehensive Biotechnological Laboratory. The Center has 94 sets of instrument with a value of over 20,000,000 yuan. The College also has other research sections, including a Flower Biological Engineering Institute.

Currently, the College has 68 staffs, with 60 faculty members consisting of 18 professors and 22 associate professors. Among them, 49 have Ph.D. degrees and 10 have master degrees. With a healthy composition of our faculty team, 33 faculty members obtained their degrees from other universities or institutions. The College always attaches importance to the construction of our teaching team and echelon structure. We put strong efforts in attracting overseas talents and 26% of faculty have been trained in foreign countries. The College continuously encourages our faculty to seek training opportunities in national and overseas prestigious institutions in order to optimize the intellectual and echelon structure of our faculty team in terms of their knowledge, education and graduation backgrounds. We also invited outstanding professors and entrepreneurs as our part-time teachers and our double-professionally-titled teachers consist of 22% of our faculty team.

From 2011 to 2015, the College published 581 papers, 135 of which are indexed by the SCI, 19 of which are indexed by the EI and 280 of which are indexed by the Class A of the Core Journals, and also published 31 books. In these 5 years, we have totally received 152 grants, 28 of which are supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, and achieved a total funding amount of 38,342,000 yuan. Also in the past 5 years, we have received 47 awards at various levels and 32 patents, 23 of which are invention patents.

In 2015 alone, our faculty have been funded by 18research grants, with a total funding of 5,480,000 yuan. Among them, 5 grants are from the National Natural Scientific Foundation with a total funding of 3,540,000 yuan, and 3 grants are from the Provincial National Natural Scientific Foundation. We attained 7 patents, 6 of which are invention patents, and published 6 books, 3 of which are Monographs. We received 15 awards, 3 of which are the awards of the provincial and municipal Scientific and Technological Advancement and 2 of which are improved varieties at the national and provincial levels, respectively. We invited famous scientists to our college for lecturing or collaboration over 10 times, and these experts in different research subjects are generally from prestigious research institutions, including Tokyo University, Stanford University, Peking University, Biophysics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Over 20 faculty members of our college participated training programs in national or overseas institutions, 3 of which are trained in well-reputed institutions of other countries.

The College aims to the objective of a nationally advanced research college with scientific research as the dominant force, cultivation of innovative talents as the main theme, construction of multiple disciplines as the guide, and establishment of a high-quality faculty team as the base. We want to make our college as an open research college of distinctly featured Forestry Biology associated with research in basic biology and medicine, cultivation of innovative talents, and remarkable achievements in scientific research.

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